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Open-source decentralized platform for the next generation of sharing economy,
powered by Ethereum & IPFS

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The Sharing Revolution

We're experiencing a revolution that moves us beyond ownership into experience powered by the ability to share. From cars to houses, people around the world are realising what they can experience without being encumbered by ownership. If society went from owning cars to sharing a car in the cloud that was available only when needed there would be a fundamental shift across multiple industries, economies and society.

Problems with Centralized Sharing-Economy Companies like Airbnb and Uber

Unfair Value Capture

Current sharing-economy platforms charge up to 35% in commission and fees to facilitate matchmaking, thus keeping the biggest share of value produced for themselves.

Lack of Transparency

The private data of individual network contributors is exploited by the platform owners to make huge profits, that too without rewarding the network contributors in any way.

Misaligned Interests

The current centralized platforms are completely controlled by and support the goals of private companies and their investors; networks contributors have no stake in the platform whatsoever.

Closed Systems

The expansion and improvement of the platform are controlled solely by the platform company; 3rd party developers or network contributors are excluded from these matters.

What is WeGotcha?

WeGotcha is building an open-source decentralized platform for multi-sided sharing economy marketplaces that truly de-intermediates the current platforms on the likes of Uber and Airbnb. 3rd party developers can make their own dApps for various kinds of sharing economy services including, but not limited to, ride-sharing, space-sharing, food delivery, and vehicle rentals using the Gotcha protocols, thus, further expanding the platform with new use-cases over time.

WeGotcha Platform

The WeGotcha platform provides a universal decentralized platform where developers can build sharing economy dApps within no time, harnessing the power of platform's existing network.

The three protocols of the WeGotcha platform are:

GotchaPay is a secure payment system that facilitates P2P transactions between authenticated entities by holding money in Bingo Tokens until after the successful exchange of service.

GotchaRep is a reputation management system that allows network members to exchange immutable ratings and reviews in a transparent manner, thus rewarding good behavior in the network.

GotchaInsure is an insurance and arbitration system that resolves user disputes via decentralized consensus, providing positive incentives to genuine arbiters and negative incentives to penalize cheaters.

Bingo Token

WeGotcha's ERC-20 utility token, Bingo (BINGO), enables the network contributors to programmatically receive an equitable, proportionate share of the value created by the network they comprise, better aligning stakeholders across the platform. Users don’t need to have knowledge of the underlying cryptoeconomics to participate in the platform, as they can use either fiat or BINGO on the platform. WeGotcha’s reward pool mechanism automatically uses the fiat funds to purchase BINGO from the market, thereby driving the demand.

Consumers hold BINGO to obtain exclusive deals, and signal status across the platform while service providers, businesses, and arbiters stake BINGO to participate in the network. As the network contributors increase, so does the transaction volume, which increases the amount of staked BINGO tokens in the platform. Thus, the number of BINGO tokens in circulation goes down with user adoption, which effectively decreases the total supply, and results in the appreciation of the value of the token.

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Mayank Chhabra

Founder & CEO
Head of Technology
Mayank founded his first company, Whitespace, while still at college, where he led a technology & design team of 50+ and worked with several early-stage startups. He is also a Blockchain Advisor at the California-based technology company - Saguna Consulting, and scaled his last SaaS product to 10,000 users within 5 weeks.

Ashok Sajwan

VP Growth
Ashok is a marketing and communications expert. He spent 5 years as the Manager at Confederation of Indian Industry before joining WeGotcha. He has also worked extensively in the publishing industry, serving managerial positions at LexisNexis, Outlook Publishing India, and Thomson Press. He has facilitated several B2B meetings in many Central and State Govt investment summits like Make in India.

Ankur Siddha

VP Marketing
Ankur has helped raise over $60M for ICOs so far. He is an ICOBench Expert and has spent countless hours mastering his art in digital marketing over the past 4 years. His expertise lies in building the marketing team, go-to-market strategies, budgets, and automation for ICOs.

Sumeet Bajaj

VP Product
Sumeet is a CSPO (Certified Scrum Product Owner) and the lead product manager at California-based Trantor Inc, where he has managed and led the technology team to develop enterprise solutions for several Fortune 500 companies.

Vinnie Singh

PR & Community
Vinnie has managed communities and public relations for ICOs which have cumulatively raised over $50M. Her writings and blogs have been featured in multiple international publications. She holds a Masters degree in English Language and Literature, as well as a CELTA from University of Cambridge.

Akshay Sharma

Software Engineer
Akshay is a Software engineer with a focus on data science and machine learning. He has been working as a Software Engineer, a Y Combinator backed tech company. He won the Smart India Hackathon, 2017 - India's first pan India competition programming and data-science competition. He is passionate about tackling challenging architectural and scalability problems, and is particularly interested in working on data-intensive and AI-based applications.

Timcy Goyal

Blockchain Architect
Timcy comes with 12 years of experience in the Software Industry. She is a Software Engineer with an expertise in Agile Methodologies and a demonstrated history of working in the healthcare industry. She has also worked extensively with Microsoft .Net technologies, Kentico CMS, MS Dynamics CRM, Python, Django, RubyOnRails and JS Frameworks. She is a Kentico Certified Developer for Kentico 8.

Sarvpriye Soni

Security Engineer
Sarvpriye is the Co-Founder & VP Technology at London-based Blockchain solutions company - Hashcove, which was acquired by Long Blockchain Corp. His expertise lies in coding bulletproof smart contracts on Ethereum and NEO. He has spent the last 6 years working on several scalable enterprise-grade applications.


Drummond Gilbert

Sharing Economy
Drummond is the Founder & CEO of the UK-based ride-sharing platform, GoCarShare, and the Chairman of UKShareCo, UK's trade body for the sharing economy. He is a well-reputed expert in the sharing economy domain, and his expertise lies in building viable sharing economy marketplaces, which he has mastered over the course of a decade.

Federico Schiano

Sharing Economy
Federico is the Co-Founder of Emojics, an innovative customer engagement tool that helps all website owners to collect feedback and leads, analyzing users emotions, and the CMO & Head of Global Growth at JUR, a free, fast and easy-to-use dispute resolution system. He also co-founded GoPillar, an online interior design market and founded CoContest, an online platform dedicated to interior design and renovation. He has been contributing to HuffPost since January 2017.

Jennifer Greyson

Jennifer has been featured in the list of Top 8 Women in Crypto and is a Board Member at Kerala Blockchain Academy. Prior to joining the Blockchain community, Jennifer managed a multi-million dollar life insurance company. She is also the Founder & CEO of Neural, a project that harnesses the power of DLTs & ML to enable predictions which help business decisions.

Venkatesh Sankaran

Venkatesh Sankaran is a Business Leader in Technology, who has a successful venture of his own - Saguna Consulting Services LLC, which specialises in Mobile Application, Cloud Infrastructure and Architecture, Custom Web Application Development, and QA and Testing as a Service. He is a Managing Partner and the CEO of Human Gene Exploration Technologies LLC. He is also a speaker, mentor and teacher who believes in utilizing the power of music.

Matthew Guignard

Matthew Guingard is a strong Blockchain proponent who has actively contributed to various Blockchain development projects and humanitarian initiatives. He founded TeamCharity.io, a Blockchain-powered non-profit and benefit corporation which operates through venture philanthropy and roundtable distribution.

Kunal Nandwani

Kunal is the Founder & CEO of Hashcove, a London-based Blockchain solutions company which was recently acquired by Long Blockchain Corp (LBCC). He is also a consultant at Ministry of Finance, Govt. of India, and the Founder & CEO of UTrade, a financial technology company whose products are used by over 50 global financial institutions.

Srinivas Konteti

Srinivas has over 20 years of experience in Telecom/Cable/DBS/M&E, Consulting Sales and Service Delivery. He is a partner at IBM and has been involved in reinventing businesses processes using Blockchain technology and smart contracts. He also has a keen interest in exploring digital transformation using Artificial Intelligence/NLP/ML/DL and Robotic Process Automation.

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